About Us

Elves & Co – One Stop Shop for Quirky Unusual Gift Ideas.


WE are a bunch young Elve-preneurs (get what we did there?) who came together with a common purpose in mind –  So that nobody is made to receive a gift that makes them think ‘Cash would be so much nicer’. People should receive something that they vibe with. It should be a piece of them in some way.

Elves & Company is your next door gift store that put AWE in the word AWESOME with the products we curate from around the world. Like-minded individuals trying to bring about a change in a small, but sure way by turning your dream presents to life.
Why you should buy from us?
Have you ever seen the face of someone who just won a Million dollars. Well, we haven’t too, but we are guessing it will pretty much be the same reaction just as when someone receives a Goodie from Elves & Co.
We understand, whether you are that boyfriend who wants to find a novelty gift for her, but can not think of something creative for that upcoming Anniversary (Where is the fun if you make her bestie select a gift every year?), or if you are that girlfriend who has run out of gift options for her BFF (Finally you realised that giving 7 gifts every Birthday is not a good idea!).
We have gifts for every occasion & age. We have unusual gifts ideas for your girlfriend, boyfriend, husband, wife, mother, father, brother, sister, child and even for that distant relative you may be meeting after years. You name the occasion and we are there to show wonderful options to suit Raksha Bandhan, Diwali, Christmas, New Years, Birthdays, Friendships Day, Weddings & even Valentines Day.
Moreover we have gifting options for every kind of person in your life. We have funny gift ideas for whether they are pranksters, unicorn lovers, travellers, party people, superhero fans or even someone who loves creativity.
Lets face it that our products will quirk the living hell out of you. Almost everything you see here is something you either wished you had, or never knew existed. We have Funky Stationery never seen before, Quirky Home Decor, Bar Accessories and more of unique and funny gifts in these categories to shop in Mumbai and delivery all over India.
Also, we help drive away your confusion and help you lock-in on a wonderful gift for your loved ones. We make you experience a new way of doing the same old things.
Lets face it, someone has to help us pay the rent – So thats another reason you should buy from us.