Cloud Lounge Airbag

Cloud Lounge Airbag


Elves & Company brings to you a lightweight, portable air filled couch / bed which does not need an air pump to be inflated. Moreover it is compact and easy to carry. This bag fills up with a few scopps of air and is ready to use. It also deflates in a matter of seconds and can be used as a bean bag too. Measures 15x8x4 when stored & Inflates up to 7 feet long, over 3 feet wide & 2 feet tall. Its designed in such a manner that allows it to be durable, dirt and water repellant. Its almost the perfect piece of art invented for treks, holidays, festivals or just to lay back in your back yard. It almost feels like you are floating in the clouds if you use this in your swimming pool.


Set-Up Instructions:

1 – Open mouth of one side while holding open at your side move forward in a straight line (do not wave around). Once first side is filled close mouth quickly and open second mouth and do same thing to fill second side and close mouth quickly.

2 – Repeat above if needed then hold openings closed and start rolling the end over 3-5 times until mostly tight.

3 – Grab clips and bend panels to side until clips come together.

4 – Place it on the ground and slide onto it to relax!


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