Drinking Roulette

Drinking Roulette


Our elves have not been to a casino, but surely know how to play roulette. Drinking Roulette is a game that will get you high, depending on how bad your luck is. Or in this case, how good your luck is, if you are an alcohol lover. It consists of a roulette wheel with regular 37 number pockets in the middle and 16 slots around the edge of the wheel to hold the shot glasses, which are also a part of the set. Two small metal balls also included. Rules: Give each player a glass. Every glass is marked with a certain colour (black or red) and certain numbers. On spinning the ball, if it lands on a number which corresponds to the glass in your hand, your drink a shot. Caution – Make sure you dilute your drinks. This game will get you very very high. Specifications: Diameter of Roulette Set – 30 cm



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