Whisky Stones

Whisky Stones


Want to drink it neat? But you also want your drink chilled. Well ice just got replaced. These whiskey stones can stay cold long enough throughout the night chilling the drinks and keeping up the fun without diluting your drink


Since the birth of whisky, its drinkers have been diluting their drinks with ice. If you are looking out for a way to keep your scotch a cold without watering it down, here are a set of 9 whisky stones that help you do so. Just put them in your freezer for 3-4 hours and then add them to your drink.  They can be reused for an unlimited number of times. Our whiskey stones are very effective at retaining cold for extended periods of time. Moreover, the stones will not scratch your precious glassware. Whisky Stones are made of food grade soapstone, which means its completely harmless to add them to your drink, and they do not soak any whisky. Also the stones do not break, or corrode. Perfect Gift for Alcohol Loves & Whisky Drinkers.

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